BANDERA K2022: A challenge to be tackled with talent

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BANDERA – Extrusion Intelligence® is seizing the opportunity to meet the market in presence, by participating in K2022, the top exhibition event for the plastics and rubber industry, which will take place in Düsseldorf from 19th  to 26th October: a unique opportunity for the prestigious Italian company to present itself.

BANDERA – Extrusion Intelligence® celebrates its 75th year in business, consolidating its standing as a global leader in the design and production of plastic extrusion lines for industrial and consumer goods packaging.

The 3 key elements of the BANDERA – Extrusion Intelligence® vision are:


The R&D department, Extrusion Academy internal laboratories and a knowledge of Industry 4.0 topics confirm BANDERA – Extrusion Intelligence in its role of Problem Solver.


The 75-year milestone bears testament to continuity, product credibility, efficient service provision and customisation, all concrete achievements delivered thanks to tireless research and innovation, so much more than ‘mere’ targets to be spearheaded.


From project design to engineering, the analysis of new contexts and end product management, rigorously aligned with circular economy concepts, from Recycling to Upcycling.

All these choices underpin an uncompromising company ethos grounded in industrial design: technology is inextricably bound to mechanical construction, just like the end product is to the added value of design, in the evolution of a purely aesthetic concept. 

The partnership with the Turin-based firm ICONA Design Group (which also has offices in Dubai, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo and Wellington), was inspired by an awareness of how the time is ripe for the next step in both product and service evolution. This is so much more than a simple restyling of a given plant: it is a specific and all-embracing project design approach.

“We started by redesigning the top-of-the-range  Bandera lines, but the idea was not so much to resolve a line, we intended to use this opportunity to boost the brand identity of Bandera. The fact that we have a team that operates in countries with different traditions and cultures gives us that competitive edge in terms of critical capacity, applied to manifold approaches. This ultimately generates a vision and an awareness of the international essence of the market, underpinned by a strong sense of our authentic Italian culture and creativity. 

(Antony Margiasso, design manager at Icona)

“With consolidated experience in industrial design for the automotive industry, our approach seemed to perfectly respond to the client’s requirements. We were able to deliver the first tangible results in just over a year, thanks to market and stakeholder analysis, the definition of a concept, prototyping, organic development and extensive cooperation with the company’s internal resources.”

(Davide Cannata, design manager at Icona)

This new technical and aesthetic design approach closely ties in with the concept of communication. The Icona team engaged in dialogue with the Bandera team (thanks in particular to the contribution of Mattia Gambarotto and Andrea Gorla) and acquired the necessary training in order to enter a high-tech and ultra specialised world involving:

. Blown Film (flexible packaging and converting including industrial bags, agricultural film and geomembrane)

. Flat Die (PET lines, rigid film, sheet and special technologies)

. Pelletizing & Extruders (standard and tailor-made single and twin screw; PVC pelletizer)

. Recycling (extrusion plants for the recycling and re-use of post-industrial and post-consumer waste).

It is no coincidence that the fulcrum of the exhibition area will be the innovative 9-layer plant “BarrierFlex® Nine” for the production of barrier films. A specific choice, insofar as this plant embodies the uniqueness of the Bandera approach, both in terms of project design and product.

The design project has been built around a series of fundamental parts:

  • Extruders
  • Extrusion head
  • Winder
  • The new inline recovery of edge trims system

Icona also worked on the line supervision desk, where ANY MA is installed – the new management software developed by the BANDERA – Extrusion Intelligence® software department.

Once more, it is important to note that with Bandera and Icona, the decision to focus on design transcends aesthetics, which still remains an important element of overall balance and visual harmony.

Design is a powerful tool when striving for reliability, service, safety and sustainability in the entire production cycle: from transport to assembly, from functionality to control, from testing to operator safety and the reuse of waste.

Rethinking volumes, optimising shapes and sizes, removing all things superfluous, the use of materials and choice of colours means thinking in terms of targets in order to produce an object that symbolises the heritage of an industrial culture that keeps up with (or even anticipates) the times and transformations currently under way in the manufacturing industry and beyond, in Italy and the rest of the world.

K2022 | Düsseldorf Germany | 19-26 October 2022 | Hall 17 stand C06-C07

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