Bandera breaks through once again, making the difference in the French market

The soundness and importance of an exclusive and innovative technology is confirmed once again by one of the main actors in the European scenario of PET rigid film production for high quality thermoforming.  This is reason enough for asserting, beyond any doubt, that Bandera is the winning solution in the current world market.

Both the second and third PET rigid film lines have been installed in France, are fully engineered with peculiar attention to operator safety and are fully compliant with all European and French rules and regulations.

These extrusion lines demonstrate the great flexibility of Bandera solutions, in terms of their capability to process, without any modification to their configuration, not only PET, but also other raw materials, such as PP, PS, PLA.  Their process is compliant with all due recommendations of EFSA/ FDA for the production of food-grade sheet for thermoforming, even using high percentages of recycled materials from in-house thermoforming skeleton and/ or post-consume.

The total absence of dehumidification and crystallization units, jointly with the drastically reduced energy consumption allow us to curb production costs significantly, compared to the traditional technologies available on the market, with no sacrifices whatsoever in terms of product quality.  In fact, the Group that has purchased three PET rigid film Bandera lines recently, for three European production sites of theirs, is quite renowned in the world market and stands out for their top standards in terms of finished product quality.

french market

The main features of the production lines this Group acquired from Bandera are:

Applications: Rigid PET Film for the food-packaging sector, barrier films for the packaging sector

  • Net width: 1450 mm
  • Thickness range: PET 150 µm ÷ 1500 µm
  • Line output : PET over 1200 Kg/h
  • Raw material handling and multi-component, loss-in-weight, gravimetric dosing systems
  • Co-rotating, twin screw extruder, 2C 85mm 52 l/d, complete with vacuum venting and superfiltration system with automatic backflush cleaning system
  • Single screw co-extruder, TR 75mm 35 L/D, complete with raw material handling and dosing systems and with double plate screen-changer for single-screw extruder
  • Flat extrusion die equipped with internal deckles
  • High-performance cooling and polishing horizontal roll stack, with haul-off and PET film silicone coating and drying device, high-performance, “dual-face” type.
  • Grinding unit for in-line recovery of edge trims
  • Extrusion line general supervision and control system to examine process parameters and manage line operation

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