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Grapholymer® – Graphene in Polymer

@ Graphene Week 2019

via Extrusion, Coating, Lamination and Foaming: from Laboratory Compounding to Industrial Scale Up Productions

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Helsinki, 23 September 2019

Helsinki, will host GrapheneWeek 2919 –  September 23-27.

In the Fringe Section – Success Stories of Graphene Applications by Associate Members, Wed 25 Bandera (Giovanni A. della Rossa – Innovation & IP) will present at 15.00 in Room Europae (1st floor) its activities in the EA – Extrusion Academy® Laboratory where graphene in liquid or powder is compounded into several polymers via the twin-screw palletize lab line 2C15 also in use at IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Graphene Lab, Genova, Italy, and University of Cambridge – CGC Cambridge Graphene Centre, Cambridge, UK

The compounding line is capable of producing 0.3-3.0 kg/h of compounds. Larger compounders up to several tons/h could be built on request.

Once the compound is prepared in pellets form it could be used inside The House of Extrusion® (5,000 sq.m) dedicated facilities where industrial lines both with blown-film that flat-die technologies could be used to produce large scale quantities +3,000 kg/h for mass production.

The new Condor Line® is the latest developed line, 60 m long where extrusion, coating, lamination and foaming coexist in a single line capable of producing +2,000 kg/h.

The extrusion lines are also capable of extruding BioPolymers for Circular Economy applications. Bandera produce PURe a complete line dedicated to the use of bottle flakes for virgin product substitute in PET extrusion.

Collaboration or joint ventures with universities, research centres, industries are welcome in order to bring Graphene in every day products, like packaging (industrial, consumer), automotive, agriculture, geo membrane, building, furniture, just to mention a few.

Tests and production could be run inside our dedicated plants or at other locations.

Extruding Future Plastics Now® is the company’s motto.

Bandera, the first company in Italy to have designed and manufactured extruders since 1943 is present all over the world with installations in more than 15,500 customers. Bandera counts on 205 employees and has sales of € 110M.

For more info: Giovanni A. della Rossa – Innovation & IP Manager
Phone: +39 0331 398 301

Twitter@banderaontheweb / @house_extrusion /@extrusion_EA

linkedin Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA 

youtube ExtrusionbyBandera

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