Bandera confirms once again its leadership in agrifilm

In April, a renowned Indian producer has had the chance to test an innovative 7-layers Agri FutureFilm® line.
The machinery – which mainly produces film material for “flexitank” (non-barrier / barrier / high barrier), container liners, greenhouse and silobag cover film – has the following main technical features:
Collage Ri
⦁ Film open width: up to 14 m
⦁ Thickness range: 100 ÷ 250 μm
⦁ Output: over 1200 kg/h
⦁ It can process barrier resins EVOH/PA thanks to the innovative design of the extrusion die head

Composition of the line:
⦁ 2 extruder Ø 100 mm
⦁ 4 extruder Ø 75 mm
⦁ 1 extruder Ø 65 mm
⦁ 7-layer co-extrusion die head with IBC system with ultrasound sensors and top-performing dual lip cooling ring
⦁ Bubble guiding cage
⦁ Haul off with rolls 4500 mm in width, with flattening and gusseting device
⦁ Single station winding centre with surface/combined winding mode and automatic reel extraction system
⦁ Centralised line control system with an advanced operations software IoE Internet of Extrusion®

Thanks to this new project, Bandera confirms to be a top-player in the agrifilm industry and to be capable of managing the constant market demand for innovative technologies, especially in the multi-layers technical agrifilm.

For further information, please contact Mr. Pietro Zanotto, Blown Film Sales Area Manager –




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