With the pervasive presence of digital innovation in all the production steps, from design to logistic, from security to optimisation, the factory floor has become the testing bed for many different technologies all aimed at creating a more productive industry hopefully for better and cleaner productions.

An environment where data associated with each step assumes life and the analysis of the mass creation of data creates new opportunities both for jobs and products.

Welcome to the industry of the future that in plastics extrusion is IoE Internet of Extrusion®.

From the analysis of polymers and resins market fluctuation influencing the supplying of the raw material to be processed, to its storage requirements and insertion in the production lines, the data handled by our customers is integrated with our solutions to produce the formula to be used for the specific task in a chain of controlled and interconnected events giving the management the right tools to plan the production process, maintenance (scheduled and preventive), training of operators for a more involved and safer participation, quality control and added value that will manifest in the creation of unexpected services and new products that will include in it-selves the power of smartness bringing with them all the values accumulated in the production chain to face the new challenging of future product applications.

Therefore at Bandera with 70+ years of experience in the production of machinery for extrusion, 15,000 customers in more than 80 countries where 35,000 extrusion machines are installed , we can foresee what the future of packaging is going to be: IoP Internet of Packaging®.

We are expecting that the plastics (moving to bio-plastics) will not only be films or foils of polymers/biopolymers ready to become millions of products every single hour from our production lines, but each single piece will be part of the IoT Internet of Things revolution. Both carrying the knowledge of what has made it and that of its future use. For a more transparent, knowledgeable, interconnected, aware and democratic society.

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