Bandera’s far-reaching and far-sighted attitude wins again and goes far, very far, with another line sailing away, bound to New Zealand.

This is the latest of four PET Rigid Film Extrusion Lines supplied in recent years to the important New Zealand based, Flight Plastics Group (two lines for the UK and two lines for New Zealand).
Special friends, repeatedly renewing their business partnership, confirming their preference for Bandera tradition, with a wink to exploring Bandera innovation and using it to advantage.

Collage Line New Zealand

“Good-old-sturdy, reliable tradition made-in-Bandera” for this PET Rigid Film Extrusion Line for thermoforming for food packaging, Form-Fill & Seal and industrial applications, designed to yield an output of up to 1200 Kg/h, with a net width of 1700 mm and a thickness range of 150 – 1500 µm.

Core extrusion part of the line capable of processing up to 100% recycled raw materials with patented Bandera, co-rotating twin screw main extruder, 2C 85 52 L/D, coupled to single-screw co-extruder, TR 75 – 35 L/D, both high vacuum vented, with continuous operation, superfiltration system, for high raw material purification, installed on the main extruder.

Line fully accessorized, also comprising:

–        raw material feeding and “loss-in-weight” gravimetric dosing systems;

–        single manifold flat extrusion die, with internal deckling system for film width adjustment and  feed-block, for layer distribution;

–        horizontal cooling and polishing roll stack, with motorized cross-axis for a perfect profile even in very thin film processing , thickness control system, combined haul-off / silicone coating/ drying unit, in-line film lamination system;

–        semi-automatic cantilever winding system for up to 3 reels on the same shaft;

–        fully automated power and control section.

A touch of the new with the PURe ® , “PET Flakes Purification System, ” the latest Bandera creation towards technological advance, through the combined, PURe ® and HVTSE ® (Highly Vented Twin Screw Extruder) Technology.

This line installs this combined, patented technology, designed to provide a solution for the production of super clean material, suitable for direct food contact, starting from conventionally recycled post-consumer PET flakes, by a highly effective pre-treatment (through the PURe ® ) in combination with the Highly Vented Twin Screw Extruders.  The cleaning efficiency values obtained by the Bandera process exceed the minimum cleaning efficiency values required by EFSA and FDA for the direct food contact of the film, which can be produced with a recycled material content up to 100%.

This turnkey system is plug and play, includes all raw material conveying systems and an insulated extrusion buffer.   It is cost-effective, in that it allows obtaining a top quality final product with a low investment cost.

This new achievement is certainly representative of the far-reaching and far-sighted goals Bandera sets for itself and for its business partners. In fact, it conceives equipment and new technologies that have a wide impact over future industrial production, following always-new trends, yet concentrating efforts on the sustainability of business choices made by both the extrusion machinery manufacturers and the converters of the sector.

For further information, please contact Mr. Gabriele Murano, Rigid Film Product Manager –





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