A special partnership – Bandera and Goglio

Flex packaging: outstanding adaptability of the recipe with Bandera extrusion plant for 7-layer film

A 7-layer-film extrusion plant for Flex Packaging that allows the use of different materials, also recyclable: Bandera Barrier Flex® Seven is this, and much more.

An example of Circular Economy at K 2019

On the occasion of the latest edition of K exhibition (October 2019) – the well-known packaging fair that takes place in Duesseldorf (Germany) – customers and prospects had the opportunity to see the Barrier Flex® Seven technology (7 layers) with their own eyes. Thanks to the cooperation with Goglio Packaging System, Bandera displayed and demonstrated the advantages derived from the use of its technology for the production of stand up pouches. In particular, it was possible to obtain a reduction in the film thickness and the integration of recycled material into the recipe.

A special partner: Goglio Packaging System

Leader in the production of flexible packaging, GOGLIO Packaging System produces high barrier multilayer laminates, valves, nozzles and packing machines for liquid and powdered products. Its integrated system was developed by the R&D department with the aim to better understand and serve every market sector.

Bandera technology applied to the production of stand up pouches

The final goal was to further improve Goglio highly-performant stand up pouches (for non-food use), obtained from the coupling of two materials, LDPE (low density polyethylene) and double-oriented-PET. The benefits thus obtained refer to two main aspects:

  • the reduction of the thickness of the extruded film (down gauging), which allows the use of a lower quantity of raw material and the reduction of the weight of the film, with a consequent decrease of CO2 emissions.
  • the introduction into the recipe of recycled material, in this case coming from post-industrial waste with a verified supply chain.

The product obtained maintains the same technical and performance features while offering the above-mentioned advantages.

Barrier Flex® Seven: not only stand up pouche

The virtuous example that Bandera and Goglio demonstrated at K2019 exhibition is only one of the many obtainable thanks to Bandera 7-layer technology. In this case, the process was finalized to the production of stand up pouches, but Barrier Flex® Seven can produce a wide range of films, both with symmetrical structure (barrier films for food-packaging) and asymmetrical ones (film for trays for meat and cold cuts).

We remain at your complete disposal for any further information about our technologies.

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