A brand-new agent enters the Bandera team for the French-speaking North Africa area

Recently Bandera has started a fresh collaboration with a new agent, who will focus his work on the French-speaking North Africa area. This was made possible thanks to Marital Synergie, Bandera’s new commercial structure addressed to the North African market.


Marital Synergie operates in those commercial areas in which Bandera has proved to be a worldwide leader: the blown-film sector, with several applications in the flexible packaging and converting industry, the production of geomembranes for the industrial and urban waterproofing. The flat-die head technology, playing a major role in the production of rigid packaging film (PET, PP and PLA), as well as the PVC granulation technology.

As a result of this collaboration and with the support of the new agent, Bandera has the chance to introduce its products and its innovative technologies to a wider public and increase its commercial network in the North African market, where Bandera already has several loyal customers. Along with Marital Synergie, Bandera will consolidate in this area and will prove once more how much reliability, quality and spirit of innovation are key features of the brand, not to forget the highly efficient after sales Customer Care, always ready to support step-by-step the customer.

Marital’s new collaborator is Lotfi Oulderrahmania, Bandera’s new agent, who boasts a wide knowledge of polymers, as well as a long experience in the plastic products industry and in the recycling process of plastic materials.
Bandera’s team keeps growing, always ready to face new challenges while expanding its horizons.



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