The “Light Duty Line” series new extrusion line will be 28-14shown at the new Bandera R&D facility in the historic Busto Arsizio factory.
This extrusion line, sized for an output of 700 Kg/h PET rigid film, with a net width of 1100 mm, was recently acquired by an important thermoforming company operating in the Middle East.
The main components of this rigid film extrusion line are:

  • “Loss in weight” gravimetric dosing system”
  • “Main, co-rotating twin screw extruder, 2C 70mm 52 L/D, with efficient venting system
  • “Superfiltration screen changer with filtering plates automatic cleaning system
  • “Single screw co-extruder, TR 65 mm 35 L/D
  • “Single channel flat die with external deckles
  • “Rigid film thickness control system
  • “In-line silicone unit complete with drying system
  • “4-position manual winding system complete with accumulator
  • “Centralized control system

This “Light Duty Line” can be seen during next December at the Bandera facility, where you will be able to witness its numerous benefits, such as:

  • Maximum flexibility in processing various types of raw materials
  • Quick delivery timing thanks to its modular design
  • Extremely compact line ensuring a quick installation process
  • Possibility of easy in-line placement with thermoforming machines.