23/14 Bandera received an order for a new PP rigid film extrusion line from a leading company in Southern Italy

Thanks to Bandera’s recognized leadership, gained 23-14through the manufacturing of a wide variety and production range of extrusion lines, a well-known thermoforming company operating in the South of Italy has again chosen to acquire a new Bandera multilayer rigid PP film extrusion line, within only two years of the delivery of the previous extrusion line he had acquired from our company.
The newly acquired line is foreseen for delivery to the renowned production site in Southern Italy in the month of October 2014.
This well-known customer operating in thethermoforming sector has shown his appreciation for Bandera’s flexibility in manufacturing extrusion lines capable of processing different types of polymers.
In fact, the mentioned previous line he acquired from our company was designed for the process of rigid PET film through a co-rotating twin screw main extruder.
The opposite can be said of this 2014 newly acquired line, where both the main and the co-extruder are single screw extruders.

This line presents the following features:

  • Raw material handling and conveying systems for both extruders
  • Single screw extruders, TR 160mm 35 L/D and TR 90mm 35 L/D, without venting system
  • Double plate screen changers
  • Single-channel flat die complete with external and internal deckling systems
  • Special cooling and polishing roll stack calender with sloped configuration, equipped with 7 rolls and motorized cross axis system to perfect the process of thin film
  • Grinding mill for recovery of side trims
  • Two-position cantilever winding unit

This line will have a net output of 1.300 Kg/h rigid PP film, with a net width ranging up to max. 1.100 mm.
The Customer who acquired it is a long-standing Bandera Customer currently operating at his production site as many as 3 Bandera rigid film extrusion lines.

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