19/14 Bandera boosts its activity in thick flat die sheet extrusion

Bandera’s sales and technical teams have been powered to better19-14 cover the new markets and applications of thick thermoplastic sheets.
The business unit will specifically be concentrated in developing complete sheet co-extrusion lines featuring the latest flat die technology.

Such equipment is designed to produce:

  • ABS and PS sheet thermoformingintended for household appliances or sanitary ware
  • ABS/PMMA sheet for production of finished panels intended for the furniture industry
  • Flexible sheet, rolled-up if required, for PE and TPO waterproofing systems combined with non-woven fabric supports of narrow-to-average net width (up to 2.5 m) and either flat, or embossed or yet dimpled sheet on large net width (up to 7 m) for the production of waterproofing liners intended for the mining sector
  • Average-to-high thickness rigid sheetmade of PP, PE, HMWPE; TPR, TPO and other composite and multilayer materials, with mineral fillers if required, intended for automotive components, luggage, toys, covering systems, etc and also EVA and TPU sheet, PC/PMMA and PETG sheet featuring top aesthetic quality, Special PC and BYBLEND sheet for different applications and CSPE sheet for special insulating systems.
  • The maximum achievable output is to be 3,500 Kg/h and the lines are quoted and designed complete with process material dosing systems, protective film lamination and fully automated sheet stacking systems.

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