17/14 Spanish customer purchases its second Bandera extrusion coating line

8 years after the first extrusion coating line supply, Bandera is 17-14going  to deliver the second high tech extrusion coating line to a major Spanish converting company from food industry rigid film field (technical film intended for the FFS sector) that eager to widen its production department. The supplied equipment is intended for the production of barrier film on coextruded PET film.
The above extrusion coating line is going to be delivered in April, and consists of:

  • No. 5 single-screw extruders complete with process material dosing and loading systems
  • Automated flat single-channel die head
  • PET foil pre-heating assembly
  • Cutting-edge thermoregulated chill roll assembly
  • Automatic thickness monitoring system

The extrusion coating line hourly output exceeds 250 kg/h on a 1,500 mm coating useful width.
The perfect solution for Bandera customer needs: cutting-edge high technology, matched with unrivalled cost efficiency.
If compared with traditional lamination, the extrusion coating technology offers the following benefits:


  • If compared with multi-layer foil technology, the IN-LINE extrusion coating system, offers the user unrivalled flexibility in process material selection and management, thus significantly reducing production costs.
  • Resin extrusion is achieved by means of small sized single-screw extruders on a dedicated support base frame. Coating process is carried out by means of an automated multi-channel extrusion head and special design chill roll equipment.
  • Adhesion between PET layer and PE barrier film layers is very high.
  • Bandera technology is suitable for PET/PP and PS foil and can be installed on existing extrusion lines.
  • The production of deeper thermoformed containers requires higher quantities of barrier material.
  • Thanks to the high number of Bandera extrusion coating systems assembled all over the world, Bandera technology is fully consolidated.

Bandera can offer its customers hot and cold lamination systems as well.

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