15/14 Bandera R&D and wet tests Dept – filled up to level with extrusion technology

In December 2013 Bandera launched its brand new R&D 15-14and wet tests dedicated site (showroom area is fully operating, while accessory offices are to completed by spring 2014).

As of today Bandera relies upon 3 production sites (55,000sqm area) divided into:

  • Mechanical and electronic assembly area for extruders and complete lines – it includes a new shed – currently at building stage – to be used for line wet tests.
  • Mechanical work specialized site, with CNC tooling machines to manufacture screws, and rollers, and large blown film extrusion heads.
  • Warehouse area for semi-worked and raw materials.

Between end of November and December 2013 Bandera tested its new wet test department by assembling and wet testing 4 blown film extrusion lines and 3 foil&sheet extrusion lines featuring flat die head technology. An excellent debut to be repeated in March, June and October 2014.

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