12/15 – The appeal of the Made in Italy technology reaches Australia

The success of Bandera’s extrusion lines and 3-layer-blown-film-extrusion-line-for-production-of-shrinkthe appeal of the Made in Italy technology reaches the other side of the globe.

A new Australian customer, who has trusted both the value of the Bandera brand itself and the reliability of our solutions, has chosen a Smartflex 22 line for the production of shrink, lamination and shrink-hood film.

This 3-layer blown film extrusion line, customer need oriented at a competitive price, has been successfully developed using the economy of scale principle. In fact, the cost saving result obtained in Bandera Smartflex 22 line comes from a series production methodology, absolutely not from component quality reduction.

Furthermore, each line which will be a flexible high quality, top performance solution, is implemented according to customers specific requirements.

The line features are:

  • nominal width: 2400 mm
  • thickness range: 20 ÷ 200 µ
  • production output: up to 500 Kg/h

The line composition is:

  • 12-component loading and gravimetric batch system
  • 1x extruder Ø 85 mm, 2x extruders Ø 65 mm
  • 3-layer coextrusion die head with installed die 350 mm and additional die Ø 450 mm, IBC
  • system and 8 ultrasound sensors for width control
  • high performance multi-lip air ring
  • automatic film thickness measuring and adjusting system
  • 2x bubble guiding cages
  • rotating take off 2400 mm width with carbon fibre rollers + additional thermoregulated
  • cylinders. 5 m long gusseting devices.

  • corona treatment
  • two station winding centre with back-to-back configuration, able to wind the film by surface and combined mode
  • trimmed edges suction device

The plant has just been successfully tested in week 30/2015 in the new research and development centre at Bandera site in Busto Arsizio (Italy), #TheHouseOfExtrusion.

For further information please contact

Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Managerc.pattini@lbandera.com

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