12/14 Bandera to relaunch “Lighter packaging 2020” campaign

Today more than ever Bandera is focussed on four key business factors. 12-14Among them one is doubtless up-to-date and enhanced:

    • Promoting technologies and processes aimed at sustainable reduction of packaging weight.

Bandera goal is to:

  • Design safe and reliable production lines to offer excellent performance in compliance with CE safety standards.
  • Ensure minimized power consumption
  • Manufacture extrusion lines dedicated to the production of finished products obtained from innovative thermoplastics, thus pushing on favouring the processing of recycled and/or biodegradable materials.

In packaging, Bandera latest innovative solutions has made any effort to design technologies aimed at manufacturing lighter packaging solutions, e.g. rigid semi-foamed structural PET film.

Bandera technological efforts recently focussed on foamed PT film, to be produced by cutting-edge co-rotating twin-screw extruder (52:1 L/D).

Bandera focussed its innovative research activities on physical foaming process (i.e., by gas injection), and processing recycled (post-consumer and industrial scraps) PET flakes. The result: a significant reduction of raw material costs and processed product recyclability.

Bandera technology –  the synonym for extraordinary flexibility

By adding an adequate gas injection system and additives application, a Bandera standard extrusion line for the production of PET film can be converted into a line for the production of semi-foamed PET film with maximized flexibility (Bandera special twin screw design allow the line to be used for production of both rigid and foamed PET film). For the production of top quality foamed PET film, Bandera is supplier of dedicated extrusion systems to maximize the extrusion process.

Bandera’s R&D Dept outcomes are definitely interesting and encouraging. Standard rigid A-PET film density is comprised between 1.33 and 1.35 kg/dm3. As far as ABA and BBB layer structures are concerned (where layer B is made of 100% post-consumer scraps or partially made from industrial scraps) weight reduction is as follows:

  • Total film thickness: 300 µ ÷ 1,300 µ
  • Density: ~ 0.65 ÷ 0.95 kg/dm3

The weight reduction rate strongly depends from final application.

Huge savings on production costs have been gained by replacing rigid trays/containers with semi-foamed ones.

Once again, Bandera has confirmed its pace-setting essence, and managed to match new product development, cost minimization and environment care. Plastics are processed into eco-compatible packaging products with minimized weight, to satisfy the ever-growing demand for eco-sustainable products intended for food and non-food sector.

The third generation of foamed PET extrusion lines includes a pace-setting technology to house the foamed PET between 2 compact PET structural layers, thus offering final products enhanced mechanical strength and thermoformability, and making structural PET highly competitive with respect to PS.

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