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Bandera’s business in flat die technology is focused on the design of reliable and top quality performancesolutions, absolutely tailor made, ensuring minimum energy consumption and the use of innovative thermoplastic materials.
Our natural aptitude for innovation and deep roots in R&D have always allowed Bandera to deliver the best performing lines and to bring into the international market solutions which are customer oriented.
The result is that Bandera’s customers constantly supply packaging to leading world food industries.
In Spain Bandera has just sold a new highly customized PET, PP and PS flat die extrusion plant to serve an important international group leader in the food industry.

The gross output of the line is 1200 Kg/h ± 10%.
The line can produce different types of polymers: PET- PP and PS.
The thickness range of the foil is PET 200 µm ÷ 900 µm, however the line can reach a minimum thickness of 180 µm.

Following the plant main technical features.

  • Raw material dosing system for twin screw co-rotating extruder
  • Co-rotating twin screw extruder 2C85 mm 52D
  • Super filtration screen changer with backflush system
  • Co-extruder single screw tr75 mm 35d
  • Single manifold flat die with internal deckling system
  • Calender roll stack with manual cross axis system (diameter of middle roll ø1000 mm)
  • Cleaning system with motorised brush for inlet and central calender roll
  • Automatic thickness control measuring
  • Lamination system to be applied to a barrier film on pet foil
  • Haul off with Weko silicone unit
  • Semiautomatic winding unit to wind two reels on the same shaft

For further information please contact Andrea Prina, Foil and Sheet lines – Sales Manager:a.prina@lbandera.com