The preferred relationship between top processing 11-14companies and Bandera continues and enhances in the Middle East area.

Bandera has managed to score an important order for a SMARTFLEX22 3-layer blown film extrusion line featuring the following:

  • Extrusion of lamination film, thermoshrinkable film, and converting and flexible packaging film.
  • Line extrusion and cooling sections suitable for an up-to 500 kg/h hourly output.
  • Film width: 2,200 mm max.
  • Integrated line control and management system to adjust the gravimetric dosing as well.

The order was issued by one of Bandera long-term customers: top player in the Middle East market and highly loyal to Bandera brand, the processing company has repeatedly chosen Bandera as its preferred customer over the last 15 years, by purchasing a ten film extrusion lines, and thus confirming its satisfaction with Bandera technology.