10/15 – A story of loyalty: 5-layer blown film extrusion line for the production of Silo and Packaging film

The secret ofBandera’s success in the extrusion industry? 5-layer-blown-film-extrusion-lineBringing excellence to our customers.
Our solutions are innovative, flexible, reliable. And 100% designed and manufactured in Bandera.
In fact we haven’t simply sold 35.000 extruders worldwide since the company was founded, but we also have a remarkable amount of loyal clients.

This is a story of loyalty.

The central character is a real very long term Polish customer, who has been purchasing Bandera solutions over time.

Now this Polish client not only bought a 5-layer blown film extrusion line for the production of Silo and Packaging film, but also ordered at the same time a second line for 16 m agricultural film.

Bandera is of course the hero in our story, as we bring to the market only top solutions, tailor made based on our customers needs.

The moral of the story: excellence always wins.

The Silo and packaging film production line has been tested in week 28/2015 in the new research and development centre at Bandera site in Busto Arsizio (Italy), #TheHouseOfExtrusion.

The line features are:

  • nominal width: 2600 mm
  • thickness range: 12 ÷ 150 µ
  • production output: up to 500 Kg/h

The line composition is:

  • 20-component loading and gravimetric batch system
  • 1x extruder Ø 100 mm, 2x extruders Ø 65 mm, 2x extruders Ø 50 mm
  • liquid PIB injection system
  • 5-layer coextrusion die head with installed die 550 mm, IBC system and 8 ultrasound sensors for width control
  • high performance multi-lip air ring
  • automatic film thickness measuring and adjusting system
  • 2x bubble guiding cages
  • rotating take off 2600 mm width with anti-stick coated and carbon fibre rollers + additional thermoregulated cylinders
  • corona treatment
  • two station winding centre with face-to-face configuration, able to wind the film by surface, axial and gap mode
  • trimmed edges suction device

For further information please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film TechnologySales Manager:c.pattini@lbandera.com

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