Bandera strengthens its presence in the South-East Asian market by selling a blown film line for flexible packaging in Malaysia.
Bandera broadens its Asian horizons by securing a new order in the Malaysian marketThis new order reaffirms Bandera’s positive market trend, which has registered in the last two years the sale of as many as 10 pieces of equipment in the South-East Asian territory, both for blown film and flat die extrusion technology. China remains a strong stand alone market.

Main technical features:

  • Applications: general packaging film, lamination film, shrink film, printing film, courier bags
  • Lay-flat: up to 1,600 mm net (already trimmed)
  • Thickness range: 20÷200 μm
  • Output: up to 300 kg/h
  • 12-component batch dosing system
  • 1 extruder Ø 75 mm for core layer
  • 2 extruders Ø 50 mm for side layers
  • Co-extrusion 3-layer die head with Ø 300 mm die and IBC system
  • 8 ultrasound sensors for IBC management and automatic width control
  • High efficiency dual lip air cooling ring
  • Automatic film thickness measuring and adjusting system
  • Dual system bubble guiding cages
  • Rotating take-off 1,800 mm roller width with carbon fibre rollers and additional “S-wrap” cooling cylinders
  • Web centre guide
  • Corona treatment
  • Double station back-to-back winder with surface (contact) winding mode

Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of multilayer film – 3, 5, 7 and 9 layers – for technical packaging (food, medical-pharmaceutical, lamination and converting industries).
Bandera provides know-how and innovative technologies applied to the processing of cutting edge thermoplastic materials for the production of industrial bags (HDB/FFS), carrier bags and bags of different shapes and sizes in HDPE or in biodegradable material, as well as shrink film and special film for aviation and wind power application.
Bandera is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for the production of Agrifilm (high output, multilayer, width more than 22 m, special extrusion heads with diameter of more than 2,600 mm).
Bandera also supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of thick geomembrane film for use in civil and industrial waterproofing systems.

For further information please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Manager: