Bandera supports the expansion of new markets

At the end of June the delivery of a new PET extrusion line will be established.
It is not the first time a sale has been made to new Bulgarian converter.
Bandera confirms its role as a partner of excellence for the expansion of young, thriving packaging and converting markets, such as the Balkans.
Bandera supports the expansion of new marketsFollowing are the line applications and configuration.
Applications: PET rigid film for the production of thermoformed food packaging products, Barrier rigid film for packaging solutions

  • Net width: 1050 mm
  • Thickness range: PET from 180 μm to 1200 μm
  • Gross output: PET up to 700 kg/h
  • Raw material handling conveying system and 5 components gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing system
  • 1 twin screw extruder dryer-less 2C70 mm 52D complete with degassing system
  • Superfiltration screen changer complete with back-flush system
  • Single screw extruder TR65 mm 35D complete with relative handling conveying system and degassing system
  • Double-plate continuous filtering system
  • Monolayer extrusion flat die complete with internal deckling system
  • Horizontal roll stack calender
  • In line lamination unit
  • Haul off and silicone coating device
  • 4 position manual cantilever winding system with the possibility to produce two reels at the same time

Bandera designs and manufacturers complete flat die extrusion lines for the production of rigid thin films for thermoforming, form fill seals and converting applications, made of GIPS, PP, CRPS, A/CPET and PETG (using compact and foam materials) and PLA.
Bandera is a world leader in the technology for PET rigid film direct extrusion without drying using a patented system.
From year 1998 more than 160 complete lines have been sold and installed at the largest converters in the world.
Bandera manufacturers also thick sheets flat die plants for technical sheets made of HDPE, PP, HMWPE, PC, ABS, PMMA and mixed materials (thermoplastic resins and industrial waste products).

For further information please contact Andrea Prina, Foil and Sheet lines– Sales Manager:

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