06/15 – Bandera Flat Die Extrusion Technology at the PLAST 2015

06_Bandera-Flat-Die-Extrusion-Technology-PLAST-2015Bandera will participate to the next “PLAST” edition (Milan, 5th – 9th May, 2015) with a wide exhibition area, showing an innovative 3-layer blown film co-extrusion line.
This is mainly a modern line suitable for the extrusion of symmetrical structure film for lamination and flexible packaging.
Additionally, an open house event will be taking place at our company headquarters in Busto Arsizio, in our new R&D facility, as of 20th April, 2015, during which period we will betesting two innovative co-extrusion lines, mainly designed to process PET/PP and PLA rigid film.
The PET extrusion lines will continue being on exhibit throughout the entire months of May and June.

The lines exhibited during the open house event will feature the following design details:

  • Gravimetric “loss in weight” dosing system
  • Co-rotating twin screw extruder, HVTSE 2C85mm 52 L/D, for the process of direct PET extrusion, with neither dehumidifier nor crystallizer needed, since the process is carried out through the efficient degassing system installed, suitable for the use of PET post-consumer regrind flakes
  • Backflush superfiltration screen changer for continuous operation with self-cleaning system for the filters
  • Melt pump to provide a constant pressure and volume of the melt to the extrusion die, reducing scraps and improving the management of the whole process
  • Single screw co-extruder for the extrusion of PET virgin material of the outer rigid film layers
  • Three-manifold flat die with manual internal deckling systems for easy and quick adjustment of the rigid film width, with relevant feed block
  • Cooling and polishing roll stack calender with horizontal configuration, drilled rolls and cross-axis system installed on the first calender nip roll to obtain the perfect profile in the process of ultra-thin rigid film
  • In-line barrier film lamination system by rubber contact roll
  • Thickness control system monitoring the thickness of rigid film throughout its full width
  • Haul off system and longitudinal cutting system for edge trimming
  • Semi-automatic, double station winding system; winder equipped with automatic transversal rigid film cutting device; semi-automatic trolley for reel discharge by load cell; system equipped with double rack accumulator to slow down line speed during reel changing operations
  • Electronic structure, with extruders and die thermoregulation directly managed by PLC, in conjunction with Profinet network; the extrusion line is controlled by a computerized system allowing a centralized management of all production and operation parameters.

Both lines are running 1,2 / 1,4 tons per hour with a net web width of 1.500 mm. Thickness ranges from 0,14 mm to 1,6 mm. These lines are pre-equipped with systems capable of processing physical foam PET, as well.

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