06/14 Siemens and Bandera – A cooperation for performance improvement

Bandera has recently established a fruitful 06-14cooperation with Siemens, the aim being to optimize its extrusion lines by implementingSiemens SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters.

It is in Bandera DNA the ongoing search for the best technologies and applications ever, aimed at enhancing Bandera extrusion lines – an attitude that has always characterized the Italian company history. The perfect context to foster Bandera and Siemens collaboration.

Siemens SIRIUS devices have been selected after an in-depth technical analysis carried out by Bandera electrical engineering dept staff in collaboration with Bandera preferred hardware and software electric equipment manufacturers.

A successful and long-lasting collaboration: Bandera has been satisfactorily equipping its lines with Siemens electro-mechanical devices for over 30 years now, together with Siemens invertors, operator panels and PCs, besides supervision and programming software. The rooted partnership with Siemens has always been an important competitive asset, which has supported Bandera in strengthening its presence on different markets worldwide and providing top-quality service to its customers over the years.

There are several reasons for Bandera to choose SIRIUS 3RM1 devices. First of all, the increasing demand for extrusion lines of minimized size. The 22.5mm wide hybrid motor starters can be easily integrated into control cabinets: the space-saving starter footprint is the perfect solution for the sake of compactness.

Secondly, SIRIUS motor starters are highly versatile, thus making Bandera markedly reducing required storage capacity, and simplifying storage management procedures.

SIRIUS 3RM1, offering three wide motor current ranges, can manage different motor sizes through one device: the perfect solution for wide Bandera motor size range. Low device variance through wide adjustment range is a synonym for motor starter procurement efficiency, and warehouse optimization.

“Thanks to this new solution, the same unit can be used with different size motors by adjusting unit calibration” highlights Ing. Riva.

The SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter easy current adjustment and reduced wiring in both control circuit, thanks to device connectors, and in main circuit, with the infeed system, has made Bandera noticeably reduce installation time, thus significantly simplifying hardware and software electric equipment manufacturers’ job.

Device wiring is carried out through tool less spring connections. When required, the removable connection terminals can be individually swapped out from the unit – a valueless characteristic which enables Bandera technicians to minimize machine downtimes.

The choice to install SIRIUS 3RM1 on Bandera extruders and ancillaries has offered Bandera plenty of advantages, e.g. savings on carpentry costs and maintenance and assembly time at the end customer.

The remoting of onboard devices – thanks to SIRIUS 3RM1 as well – has simplified revamping even of old extrusion lines, at costs which proved to be significantly lower than past ones.

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