Double sale to a loyal customer in the Iberian Peninsula

One of Bandera’s long-term customers in the Iberian Peninsula was so satisfied with Bandera technology over the years that they have decided to renew their confidence and trust in Bandera brand by purchasing not only one, but two 3-layer high quality Techno FLEX® Plus blown film lines.

Double sale to a loyal customer in the Iberian PeninsulaBesides being conceived for the same applications, which are lamination-and-converting and shrink film, the two pieces of equipment have similar technical configuration, as they both present the same 13-component gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing system, the same coex3 die head with IBC system and 8 ultrasound sensors for automatic width control and the same high-efficiency cooling ring with automatic thickness measuring and adjusting device.
On the contrary, the two lines mainly differ for the lay-flat – which is up to 2,000 mm for the larger line and up to 1,600 mm for the smaller one – and, consequently, for the extruders size (1 extruder Ø 85 mm + 2 extruders Ø 65 mm for the larger line and 1 extruder Ø 65 mm + 2 extruders Ø 50 mm for the smaller one), and die diameter (respectively Ø 300 mm and Ø 180 mm).
Bandera will carry out wet trials of the 2,000 mm lay-flat line at the new House of Extrusion R&D centre during Drupa Exhibition (beginning of June 2016).

For further information please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Manager:

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