04/15 – Double score for Bandera: two more targets achieved in rigid pet film extrusion

Bandera further strengthens its well-established leadership 4-15_Double-score-Banderain the rigid PET film extrusion lines manufacturing sector with two more lines sold recently.
These latest, new generation, rigid PET film extrusion lines, have been additionally suited for the production of semi-foamed PET film, which represents one of the most sought-for products in the current PET extrusion market.
The two lines will be installed respectively, one in South America and the other in Europe, at an important converter’s site.

Both of them will have the following similar configuration:

  • Raw material gravimetric dosing systems
  • Main co-rotating twin screw extruder HVTSE 2C85mm 52 L/D with single screw co-extruder TR 65mm 35 L/D
  • Superfiltration screen changer with filtration plate automatic back-flush cleaning system allowing the use of recycled material
  • Cooling and polishing roll stack calender with horizontal configuration and cross axis system for thin film processing
  • Innovative in-line PE barrier film lamination system
  • Calender rolls cleaning system
  • Automatic thickness measuring system
  • Semi-automatic cantilever winding system

These lines will feature a net output of 1200 Kg/h, with a net width of 1460mm and a thickness range of 150μm ÷ 1500μm.

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