Highest loyalty level: the crucial factor in Bandera business

A further blown film extrusion line aimed at the industrial packaging production has been ordered by a key customer from the North of Italy. Satisfaction, loyalty, close partnership, customization, extrusion technology, and of course extrusion intelligence are the keywords of this experience.
12 months after their first purchase, Bandera’s customer has placed a new order for the following line.

Highest loyalty level: the crucial factor in Bandera businessApplications film for HDB (heavy duty bags) / FFS (form fill and seal sacks), film for lamination and converting, film for back-sheet (non-breathable), film for stretch-hood. Line configuration

  • lay-flat: up to 1650 mm net for trimmed film, up a 1700 mm for tubular film
  • thickness range: 15 – 200 µm
  • output: up to 400 kg/h
  • 1 extruder Ø 75 mm + 2 extruders Ø 65 mm
  • die head blown film coex3 with 2 dies Ø 180 mm and Ø 300 mm, IBC system with 3 ultrasonic sensors to check bubble width automatically
  • high-efficiency cooling ring
  • automatic thickness measuring and adjusting devices
  • double calibration cages
  • oscillating take-off 1800 mm with special dedicated execution for HDB film, torque motors, carbon fibre rollers and wooden gusseting devices, additional cooling cylinders
  • double station back-to-back winder 1800 mm, working with surface, axial and gap mode, automatic reel discharge

For further information please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Manager: c.pattini@lbandera.com

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