Why do Bandera’s clients return?

It’s simple. Because they’re keen to repeat the extraordinary experience of being a partner with a company for whom innovation is a state of mind.
After 8 years from the first Bandera line purchase, an important customer based in the South of Italy has ordered a further extrusion line, to be delivered in June 2016.
This line is dedicated to the production of PET rigid film for the food packaging industry.

production of PET rigid film for the food packaging industry

Applications: PET rigid film for the production of thermoformed food packaging products, PP/PS rigid film for mono-use food applications

Line configuration:

  • layflat: up to 1450 mm trimmed, up to a minimum mono-reel width of 850 mm
  • thickness range: PET from 150 µm to 1500 µm
  • gross output: PET up to 1200 kg/h
  • 5-component gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing system
  • 1 twin screw extruder dryerless complete with degassing system + single screw extruder TR75 complete with dehumidifier
  • super filtration screen changer complete with back-flush system
  • monolayer extrusion flat die complete with internal/external deckling system
  • horizontal calander roll stack complete with motorized cross axis system for the production of thin product
  • motorized cleaning system by brush for the inlet and central rolls
  • air thickness control measures
  • haul off and silicone spary coating device by contact rubber roll for the distribution of silicone
  • semi-automatic winder with the possibility to produce three reels on the same shaft

For further information please contact Andrea Prina, Foil and Sheet lines – Sales Manager:a.prina@lbandera.com

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