Large scale plastics & graphene extrusion

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Large scale plastics & graphene extrusionCostr. Mecc. Luigi Bandera spa proudly announces its sponsorship and participation at the 6th edition of Graphene Conference series, the largest European Event in Graphene and 2D Materials. The exhibition will take place from the 19th until the 22nd of April 2016 in Genova (Italy).

Luigi Bandera spa, established in 1947, is an internationally recognised leader in the production and engineering of plastics extrusion lines with a vast range of products and polymers. In particular its lines are used in the worlds of packaging, agriculture, geomembranes, building, automotive, 3D printer filaments, etc. with the extrusion of PET, CPET, APET, PLA, ABS, EVOH, foam, HIPS, PP, to mention a few.

Bandera’s numbers: 15,000 active customers and 35,000 installed extruders worldwide. Bandera is open to collaboration in resolving the needs of loading polymers with nanoparticles, graphene, 2D materials via extrusion, lamination, coating and printing; in order to obtain a product in an all-in-one process. IoT – Internet of Things is happening. All products and flexible thin plastics electronics devices will be soon connected and all around us.

The recently created EA – Extrusion Academy, a division with the world of R&D, academia and research centres in mind. The laboratory twin-screw line can produce as low as 0.3 kg/h with additive dispersion down to 1/10,000 and below, while offering the facility of The House of Extrusion, that can pilot and scale up to industrial production of 3,000 kg/h and more, in the form of film, foil or sheet, of any width or thickness needed.

The House of Extrusion is the most innovative European centre for packaging and converting where it’s possible to develop products and IP innovation independently or in a joint venture. Collaborations with CGC – Cambridge Graphene Centre, Cambridge, UK and IIT – Istituto Italiano Tecnologia, Genova, Italy, are signs of the exploration between extrusion and graphene and other 2D materials. 3D printing filaments and electronics substrates are the first applications. IoP – Internet of Packaging will follow.

Graphene 2016 will feature:

  • A plenary session with internationally renowned speakers;
  • An industrial forum with focus on Graphene Commercialisation;
  • Extensive thematic workshops in parallel;
  • An exhibition carried out with the latest Graphene trends;
  • Brokerage event.

Giovanni A. della Rossa, Nanotechnology & IP Manager, will be attending the conference and brokerage event and available to discuss collaboration.

For further information please contact Giovanni A. della Rossa

To know more: for the conference –
graphene2016 for the brokerage event – for Bandera’s technology.

For further information please mail or call +39 0331 398 301

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