Bandera’s ingenious system to produce PET food grade rigid film from PET recycled flakes

Bandera presents an innovative solution perfectly matching the consolidated twin screw extrusion technology (HVTSE) to the very new PURe system in order to get PET food grade rigid film from PET recycled flakes.

Bandera’s undiscussed leadership in the worldwide extrusion market comes from the strong attitude towards innovation and the capability to develop solutions that perfectly meet market needs.

That’s why, in order to intercept the growing PET processing trend, we studied a solution based on a consolidated technology (HVTSE) that we empowered with a specifically engineered system (PURe), designed to process a pretreatment to obtain super clean material, suitable for direct food contact.

PURe System- PLAST 2018

In fact, the Bandera twin screw technology has been on the market for some time, showing long-term reliability and higher performances compared to the conventional extrusion technologies available in the current market:

  • less stress for the processed raw material,
  • better melt purification,
  • power savings,
  • easier operative management of the whole line,
  • faster colour and raw material switching (with no line stop),
  • possibility to work up to 100% regrind material,
  • problem-free raw material feeding and dosing devices,
  • multiple raw material processable,
  • foam sheet production.

In combination with the top level product range HVTSE (Highly Vented Twin Screw Extruders), Bandera designed the PURe system aimed at producing clean material for the food packaging industry, starting from conventionally recycled post-consumer PET flakes.

The tests performed show cleaning efficiency values exceeding the minimum EFSA and FDA requirements: with Bandera’s system PET food grade rigid film for direct food contact can be produced with a recycled content up to 100%. This combined system achieved the No Objection Letter issued by FDA.

The new system has been designed to cover the most common output range requested by the packaging industry, through various models, which are directly sized to the standard production capacity of the relevant highly vented twin screw extruders supplied by Bandera as its core technology for the PET rigid film lines already supplied and/or to be supplied in the future.

Refer to both the process flow diagram and the system performance specifications: download the PURe  datasheet.

Bandera’s long term expertise, know-how and innovative approach really mean our customers can count on the reliability of the brand and also the support by diversified teams at every step, from design and manufacturing to sales and technical service.

For further information, please contact Mr. Gabriele Murano, Rigid Film Product Manager –