Bandera AlphaPP Line: Extrusion Trial Results

We are excited to announce the outstanding results from our first extrusion trials on the AlphaPP line, featuring Bandera’s innovative PP Top technology.

With our state-of-the-art PP-care extrusion equipment and robust AlphaPP calender roll stack (3+1+2 rolls), we’ve achieved a superior quality ultra-thin PP rigid film up to 175µm thickness and 1100mm width.

Join us during our Open House event from May 20th to 24th to witness the line in action and receive marketing samples.

The final product boasts exceptional transparency, gloss, thickness accuracy, and dimensional stability. These qualities make Bandera PP film ideal for meeting the high standards of the packaging market (both consumer and food) and the decorative industry (labels, deco-sheets for printing, aesthetical panels, stationery, etc.).

Additionally, Bandera is enhancing the AlphaPP line with SoftTouch® technology, offering even greater benefits in terms of down-gauging and physical characteristics. This allows the production of PP film as thin as 80µm with low shrinkage.

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