Engineering & Turnkey Plants

Bandera engineering is a well-structured process used to deliver both short-term innovation initiatives as well as medium and long term projects. Being a technology company, Bandera is used to continuously growing and reshaping its technology base to provide its customers with a stream of new machineries, exploiting improved or new properties. Close contact with the market provides R&D with several market-pull innovation proposals. Bandera establishes a very close relationship with customers, partners and suppliers pursuing a co-development as well as a co-design approach.

Collaborative model

A collaborative, open innovation model is often adopted by Bandera to rapidly implement the best business model, looking for value creation and value sharing among partners.

Cooperation agreements and open collaborative projects are aimed at exploiting specific strategic resources in the short term or for exploration activities to develop know-how in the field of packaging and converting, so to pave the way of future extrusion.
Bandera delivers turn-key projects, thanks to its long-term expertise and know-how.
Besides engineering and manufacturing agricultural film lines, Bandera’s technical department is skilled and experienced to provide a top level consultancy service:
projecting the factory hosting the plant itself.

Exploration activities

Technology is a mindset deeply embedded into the Bandera people, is a fluently spoken language to speak with customers, with partners and with suppliers.

Bandera extrusion is a living ecosystem, growing, changing, and breathing, tightly interconnected with the world of plastics.

Bandera continually fuels the components of its technology portfolio that include competence, tools and methods to model, design and optimize machineries, engineer and rapidly turn a proof-of-concept into manufacturing of a plant.