flat die

For the fulfilment of various industrial applications, Bandera customizes its equipment to satisfy all the final applications requirement.

  • Single or twin screw extruders with possibility of mineral fillers (pellets / powder) inclusion
  • Single or multi-manifold flat extrusion die equipment
  • Robust and highly engineered calender stack with vertical / sloped / horizontal configuration
  • Lamination systems for the production of composite materials (combination with plastic films, textile materials, synthetic nets, reinforcing pads, etc.)
  • Heavy duty longitudinal and transversal cutting systems
  • Downstream equipment with different grades of automatization (sheeters / stackers, winders, conveyors, etc.)
forniture industry

Extrusion line for furniture industry

Typical raw materials: PET, ABS-PMMA
The furniture film is a very high quality demanding product, no aesthetical imperfections are tolerated. Thanks to the experience gathered in the last years, the Bandera HVTSE twin screw technology meets all customer’s expectations with additional advantages for

• avoiding drying and dehumidification process with amazing energy saving
• processing multiple raw materials and widest thickness range
• allowing quick colour & recipe switch-over
• optimizing clean-room environment

Extrusion line for Optical sheet

Typical raw materials: PC, PMMA, PET-G, PS-K, SAN
Top quality materials for top quality features: perfect transparency with no optical distortion, brilliance and brightness for prestigious architectural uses, physical-mechanical characteristics in compliance with the final application.
Specific extrusion, calendering and downstream arrangements to ensure a cutting edge production.

Extrusion line for Lenticular sheet

Typical raw materials: PET-G, PMMA, PC, PS-K
The new printed cards – having 3D motion or morphing effect – require high accuracy of both the design (LPI) of the manufactured sheet and the extrusion line components, which need a higher level of precision to ensure the reliable creation of the micro-lens embossing on the plastic sheet.

Extrusion line for industrial applications

Typical raw materials: PP, PE, PS, ABS-PMMA, ASA, SBS
Customized sheet extrusion lines destined for the production of

• high-impact / shock-proof products for automotive industry
• refrigerators components
• sanitary & caravan elements
• building flooring / roofing, road pavements
• low thickness stationery sector