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All our PET Rigid Film lines for thermoformed packaging and converting (FFS) sectors includes the following features:

  • Max flexibility by processing all packaging raw materials: PET (R-PET), C-PET, PET-G, PP, PS, PLA
  • HVTSE co-rotating twin screw extruder (dry-less process)
  • Melt superfiltration systems
  • Hi-tech flat extrusion die (auto or manual) with internal deckling systems
  • In-line film lamination systems
  • Coating & spraying systems for the application of technical solutions
  • Wide range of winding systems according to Customer’s specs

Alpha Lines

The top level PET technology available in the worldwide market, developed in the last 20 years thanks to the proactive teamwork between Bandera Technical Dept. and its final customers.

• Specialized equipment to reach highest standards suitable for new applications (TDO label films, furniture films, credit card film sector)

• Sturdy calender roll stack offering the widest thickness range (0,12 mm to 1,60 mm)

• Maximised width (up to 2000 mm net) and output range (up to 3000 kg/h)

• Specially designed “in-calender” and “off-calender” film lamination systems

• Extrusion coating equipment for multi-layer composite products

• Structural E-PET Foam Film production (VelPET®) for Lighter Packaging®

Light Duty Line

One of the “Best Sellers” of Bandera production range.

Line has been designed by our Engineering Department to comply with the most recent packaging market requirements, exploiting the technological benefits on a cost-effectiveness criteria.
• Easy-to-run, operator-friendly
• Excellent production efficiency, max output achievable 1000 kg/h
• Thickness range and available width covering all packaging market needs
• Limited space requirement and quick installation time
• Possibility of in-line thermoforming solution (in cooperation with major thermoforming machine producers)

light duty line
agility line

Agility Line

The evidence of Bandera’s stunning know-how and innovative technology.

The maximum expression of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEETM).
Specifically intended for FFS (Form-Fill&Seal) market and special high quality applications.
• 2-floors structure with protective clean-panels and integrated cranes (servicing all equipment)
• Plug&Play modular construction for fast installation and limited floor space requirement (85 sqm approx.)
• Quick start-up procedures by fully auto thread-in operation systems (for both PET Film and lamination); limited workmanship requirement
• Medium output range (up to 600 kg/h) dedicated to short production slots

Rigid Film

Rigid Film



Special Technologies

Special Technologies

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