circular econo

SUSTAINABILITY, is not only a word, it is a call to action.

How to make it profitable?

In the extrusion industry, ECOlogical can be ECOnomically viable.

How? Through:

  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Ongoing research & innovation
  • Customer oriented approach

Polyolefin up-cycling process

Post-industrial and/or post-consumer wastes find their virtuous stream.

Differently from the existing recycling/pelletizing equipment currently available in the market, the definitive goal of Bandera technology is the ability to provide a recycled polymer having quality and pureness comparable to the virgin resin, sometime even including special features as mineral fillers or fibres inclusion.

Single screw limits

The evident limits attributed to single screw extrusion technologies cannot reach the new targets specified by Circular Economy guidelines.

Twin screw benefits

Depending on the raw material features (type and level of contamination, particle dimensions, polymer heterogeneity, etc.) and the final product performances, Bandera proposes customized solutions based on its hi-tech twin screw extrusion.


For the satisfaction of the PET rigid film demand linked to food packaging industries (thermoforming & F.F.S.), the combination of PURe® and HVTSE® represents the market-leading solution for PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY.


  • Highest OEEE® grade and flexibility
  • Best IV drop ever witnessed
  • Deepest purification achievable
  • Energy efficient (25% saving)


  • Long-term investment security
  • Market trend-setting position
  • Final product with recognized features
  • Thrifty industrial cost


It is important to be different, it is mandatory to do better.

Through the combination of its advanced technologies, Bandera created a prime solution to fulfil the highly demanding B-to-B market

NO thermic & NO shear stress:

Bandera knows how to care about PET, minimizing its degradation and drops, maximizing its purification and structure.
For ensuring the highest qualities of the final product, Bandera solutions foresee both solid and molten state decontamination stages with PURe® and HVTSE® integrated technologies.


The cooperation with effective partners confirmed the Recyclability of the product.

The modern legislations drive the recycling organizations to create a constructive post-consumer stream (parallel to the PET bottles one) where all PET trays is to be circularly re-used for the production of PET trays.

In order to get a real industrial setting (universally valuable and applicable), all PET trays – including the ones destined to the production of sealable food packaging – must not include other polymers generating chemical contamination (such as specific barrier resins and lamination films).
Bandera proposes an extrusion coating solution processing customizable recipes suitable for the production of “PET mono-material” trays with equivalent characteristics to the “multi-material ones” currently present in the market: seal-ability and gas barrier (where needed) are guaranteed, even with better transparency and mechanical features.

Secured performances

  • 100% recyclate to 100% recyclable
  • barrier properties ensured
  • fully sealable with top lid film
  • transparency guaranteed
  • industrial repeatability
Recycling and Circular Economy