01 12, 2023

Imaflex to increase Victoriaville plant capacity with two Bandera film lines

2023-01-25T15:19:56+01:00janvier 12th, 2023|Case Stories, Nouveautés|

Bandera is pleased to announce that Imaflex Inc. has selected Bandera U.S. to supply a 2400 3-layer SmartFlex® line and a 2400 5-layer Barrier Flex® line. This investment will enable Imaflex to increase capacity, improve capabilities, and develop new products to better support their growing customers’ needs. Installation and start up for the first line [...]

12 10, 2020


2020-12-22T10:18:26+01:00décembre 10th, 2020|Case Stories, News|

Innovation, technology, mindset: the solution to the new global commercial asset In recent times, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we have often heard people talking about social distancing to indicate the necessity to keep a safe distance between people in order to prevent contagion. However, the choice of these terms intails also the [...]

03 27, 2020

A special partnership – Bandera and Goglio

2020-03-27T17:02:19+01:00mars 27th, 2020|Case Stories|

Flex packaging: outstanding adaptability of the recipe with Bandera extrusion plant for 7-layer film A 7-layer-film extrusion plant for Flex Packaging that allows the use of different materials, also recyclable: Bandera Barrier Flex® Seven is this, and much more. An example of Circular Economy at K 2019 On the occasion of the latest edition of [...]

09 20, 2019

The new Barrier Flex® Seven line, running at K show 2019 – a combination of BANDERA and ABB technologies

2019-09-20T17:29:57+02:00septembre 20th, 2019|Case Stories|

Knowledge and shared commitment towards sustainability The new Barrier Flex® Seven line for seven-layer blown film extrusion will run at the K show 2019 in Düsseldorf from October 16th to October 23rd. In accordance with BANDERA's policy of constant innovation, the new Barrier Flex® Seven pursues the continuous improvement of performance and system integration within [...]

08 30, 2019

Eurocast meets Bandera: an historical and innovative partnership in the field of plastics extrusion

2019-09-02T08:44:37+02:00août 30th, 2019|Case Stories|

Moving towards Circular Economy thanks to extrusion technology Bandera and Eurocast started collaborating in 2007, 12 years ago, when Eurocast were introduced to the extrusion technology of Bandera, starting a partnership that still lasts today. The companies are now technological partners in the plastics extrusion field. EUROCAST: single and multilayer films EUROCAST, based in Poland, [...]

08 2, 2019

BANDERA and AMB: an historical partnership for the production of plastic films  

2019-08-05T13:37:37+02:00août 2nd, 2019|Case Stories|

BANDERA and AMB: an historical partnership for the production of innovative plastic films   The two companies have established a successful collaboration thanks to the supply of technologically advanced extrusion lines for the production of plastic films, both rigid and flexible, for the food packaging sector. AMB: films for packaging AMB is based in S. Daniele [...]

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