OPEN House at the THOE of Bandera in conjunction with the
(Milan, 26th – 27th of September 2018)

Complete co-extrusion line with flat die technology combined to the PURe, new pretreatment system of recycled “flakes” in PET.
The best combination for production of PET rigid films for food packaging.

Bandera will present at the end of September 2018 in conjunction with the PACKAGING AND RECYCLING FORUM 2018 (Milan, Sept 26-27, 2018) a trial session of PET film extrusion combining to its own flat die technology line the new pretreatment system, PURe.

It represents an innovative solution for production of rigid film for high quality thermoforming which combined to the already consolidated twin screw extrusion technology (HVTSE) allows using of recycled PET flakes for direct food contact with no need of virgin material external layers in line with  latest law directives.

Bandera has studied the solution based on the consolidated technology (HVTSE) empowered with a specifically engineered system designed to obtain super clean material suitable for direct food contact.

The accomplished trials show that the obtained cleanliness grade is better that the minimal required by  EFSA and FDA requisites, therefore this new system is able to produce rigid film suitable for direct food contact using recycled materials up to 100%.

The new system has been designed to cover the most common output range requested by the packaging industry, through various sizes, which are directly measured to the standard production capacity of the recent highly vented twin screw extruders already supplied by Bandera and/or to be supplied in the future.

The new PURe  system will be shown in production combined to a complete rigid film co-extrusion line.

The principle is: from flakes to be purified to film to be thermoformed.

Since 1999 Bandera has been being on the market with the twin screw “dryer-less” extrusion technology which demonstrates long-term reliability and higher performances compared to the conventional extrusion technologies available in the current market, exactly:

  • better melt purification,
  • power savings,
  • easier operative management of the raw material dosing equipment,
  • faster colour and raw material switching,
  • possibility to work up to 100% post-consumer reground flakes and/or skeleton waste  chips,
  • flexibility in processing different raw materials (as PET, PP,PS and PLA),
  • production of film also in foam PET (3 and 5 layers – chemical e/o physical).

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