circular economy

Extrusion: plants for the extrusion of post consume recyclable materials

Promoting the Circular Economy in the plastic packaging industry is possible thanks to Bandera technologies and expertise. Since time the Company has been developing innovative ideas in designing and producing complete lines also suitable for the extrusion of post consume and industrial recycled materials.

Extrusion lines for recycled materials

Bandera currently designs and manufactures complete extrusion lines for the processing of plastic materials, including recycled ones, destined for multiple industrial applications. Bandera is a world leader in PET transformation processes, with a large number of patents and innovative solutions, especially in the processing of R-PET into high quality rigid and thin films.

Mechanical recycling of plastic materials

According to the Circular Economy guidelines, Bandera is already cooperating with several European players to design and build complete production plants, suitable for the mechanical recycling of plastic materials.


Extrusion and Circular Economy

Bandera operates with worldwide leading companies, able to design and manufacture complete production plants for the plastics recycling stream: from the sorting process, to the grinding and washing operations.

Increase the efficiency of the pelletizing extrusion processes

Bandera’s technological strategy aims at maximising the efficiency of the processes concerning the extruding and pelletizing including pre and post-treatment of the flake, the option to incorporate additives or fillers and the ability to upgrade the material characteristics to a comparable virgin material level (food-grade, flavour/odour control, mechanical properties, etc.)

Actually, the company is constantly developing projects that include extrusion cascade, twin-screw combinations, multi-screw solutions and extrusion stripping systems.

Flat Die and Blown Film technology: experimentation and testing

Bandera test area includes pilot lines always available to experimentally develop customized pelletizing processes and final products through Flat Die and Blown Film technology. Recently the company has also installed at its headquarters in Italy, a large and impressive multifunctional Flat Die system called Condor Line®.

Biomaterials in the packaging industry

Within the packaging industry (food and not), Bandera demonstrates also broad experience and competence, Bandera has been involved in exciting projects worldwide regarding the extrusion of biomaterials.

Recycling and Circular Economy