Knowledge and shared commitment towards sustainability

The new Barrier Flex® Seven line for seven-layer blown film extrusion will run at the K show 2019 in Düsseldorf from October 16th to October 23rd.

In accordance with BANDERA’s policy of constant innovation, the new Barrier Flex® Seven pursues the continuous improvement of performance and system integration within the “Circular Economy of Plastics”.

The Barrier Flex® Seven line, allows the production of barrier and high barrier blown films and high output polyolefin films with an innovative core, offering maximum flexibility, without affecting either hourly output in the case of polyolefin film production, or the quality of the final product (unrivaled tolerance range) in barrier film production.

Technological excellence combined with energy efficiency

It is only possible to reach a sustained level of excellence by combining the best technologies developed by specialized companies.

With the new Barrier Flex® Seven line, Bandera has taken another step in the direction of energy efficiency: thanks to the choice of ABB synchronous reluctance motors. It is now possible to run at lower operational temperatures, thus avoiding the need for cooling servo fans, giving increased reliability and continuity of operation.

Known as “SynRM2 motors”, they offer control performance comparable to a permanent magnet motor by optimizing overloading capacity, compactness and low noise levels with reduced operational costs.

Condition Monitoring: technological complexity and ease of operation with the new HMI

The processes become much easier to manage by the operator, thanks to an innovative and intuitive HMI (Human Machinery Interface), developed in collaboration with ABB.

It allows the simplification of predictive maintenance diagnostics and greater accessibility to the process control parameters by the operator. It is also usable remotely (tablet or smartphone).

IoE Internet of Extrusion®: maximum interconnectivity

Thanks to the new control system, the communication between the Barrier Flex® Seven line, the industrial MRP systems and the equipment has been optimized: the data is easily exchanged and managed by the systems; there is complete traceability of raw materials and improvement in control, management and certification of production jobs.

Performance, Technology, Innovation. This is what happens when “Power and Productivity” meet “Extrusion Intelligence”.

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